Mastercote is synonymous with paint/coating. Mastercote encompasses a diversified range of coating products manufacturing unified by a common dedication to preserve beauty, preserve materials by preventing corrosion to thereby preserving assets of nation and thereby keeping integrity of environment

MASTERCOTE continues to develop new products and upgrade existing products, while constantly improving the level service & support offered to the customers.Mastercote believes in the path to continued success in future, and will be achieved only through the integration of professional technical know-how and ongoing developments in coating fields.

1) Epoxy Primers

2) Epoxy Intermediate Coats

3) Epoxy Top Coats

4) Epoxy Floor Coating

5) PU Primers and Top Coats

We provide technical support for different types of corrosion prevention.

We also guide our customers about Paint application,System and Suitable Products for Chemical Environment.