Mastercote is synonymous with paint/coating. Mastercote encompasses a diversified range of coating products manufacturing unified by a common dedication to preserve beauty, preserve materials by preventing corrosion to thereby preserving assets of nation and thereby keeping integrity of environment.

The company’s broad range of paint/coating products include Decorative, Industrial, High performance and Specified Coating in various categories depending upon user specification and application.

Mastercote was founded in 1991 by group of industrial minded young entrepreneurs with required technical background.

Mastercote market success throughout these 29 years is due to consistent strategy of balancing stability by remaining responsive to changing technology according to the market demands. Key elements of this strategy are stable industrial relation and the development of professional and commercial links with some of the leading industrial houses in surrounding areas of Ankleshwar, where Mastercote Industries is situated today.

Company is having enough potential in terms of Paint